Tennis courts

Tennis Courts

If GreenSet stands out for something, it is for the presence of our tennis courts in the best tennis tournaments in the world.

The different types of surfaces serve to add variety and dynamism to the play of the tennis gods who participate in their epic matches, always charged with emotion and which arouse so many passions among sports betting lovers.

Types of tennis courts

The three main types of court that exist in professional circuits such as the WTA or ATP are clay, grass and hard court.


Grass tennis courts are usually only found on the professional circuit and are becoming less and less widespread, as they require very expensive and constant maintenance. Playing on grass tennis courts is almost impossible outside Great Britain, and the history of tennis would not be the same without a world famous tournament, Wimbledon, the best known competition with grass tennis courts.


As with grass, clay tennis courts are almost impossible to find outside the most professional tennis centers, so for an amateur it is very difficult to get to step on a tennis court like this. The cost of caring for this type of material is high, although some amateur clubs are currently including them.

Hard or cement court

Most amateurs usually play their matches on cement surfaces courts, as they are the easiest to find outside the technical centers. They are built in this material because it is very clean, durable and fairly inexpensive to maintain.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Each types of tennis courts requires one type of maintenance or another.
Before starting to detail the care required for each type of facility, it is advisable to draw up a special maintenance plan for each surface. If your sports facility has different areas such as an athletics track, a tennis court and a soccer field, you will have to have a maintenance plan for each of these areas.

Dirt pavements

The sports practiced on this type of surface are usually tennis, long jump pits, soccer, petanque and maintenance gymnastics circuits.
Watering, Addition of topsoil, Decompacting the surface


To choose the species of turf, it is necessary to take into account both the climate of the place where it is going to be planted and the sport that is going to be played on it. The common cares are :
Analysis of the soil and irrigation water, Fertilization

How does the type of surface condition the tennis player's game?

As we have already mentioned, the type of surface conditions, and a lot, the style of play that the tennis player must maintain throughout the match. Thus, depending on the material they are made of, there are slow, fast and ultra-fast courts.

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