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GreenSet pickleball courts

Many amateurs have doubts about the pickleball courts to be able to start playing.Setting up a court to play pickleball on a tennis court or any other surface is easy if you know the exact measurements, and here we explain them in detail.

Building Pickleball courts

The growing demand for pickleball courts due to the tremendous irruption that this game is having in Spain, is causing numerous sports facilities, both public and private, to consider the construction of new pickleball courts to expand their sports offer. Some facilities have opted to transform other sports courts into a pickleball court and others to build the new court on unused land.
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Color Pickleball Courts

When choosing the ideal colour scheme for your pickleball court, make sure you choose colours that stand out so that players can easily distinguish between the court lines and the colour of the pickleball itself.

Bright colours such as yellow, orange and green create a strong contrast between them and help keep the lines visible in all light conditions. A combination of bright colours also helps to create a welcoming atmosphere on the court.

Washed Blue


Magenta Magma




Pickleball court size

The dimensions of the pickleball court are the same as those of a badminton court, namely:

  • Length: 13.41 metres ( 44 American feet )
  • Width: 6.10 metres ( 20 feet )
  • Half court: 6.70 metres ( 22 feet )

Indoor measurements:

  • Serve box: 4.57 m x 3.05 m ( 15 x 10 feet )
  • No Volley Zone or kitchen: 2.13 metres from the net ( 7 feet )
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