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GreenSet - Javier Sánchez Vicario

From top tennis player to
GreenSet’s President

The acquisition of GreenSet in 2000 by former professional tennis player Javier Sánchez Vicario was a turning point for the company. As a former ATP Top Player, Javier’s background and experience provide an unmatched vision and understanding of the tennis world.

Born into one of the top families in the world of tennis, Javier started young ranking No. 1 in the world as junior.

Later, as a successful professional tennis player, Javier ranked also among the top players in the world (No. 23 in singles and 9 in doubles) along with sister Arantxa (No. 1 in singles) and brother Emilio (No. 6 in singles). His oldest sister, Marisa, was also a tennis player which made her earn a tennis scholarship at Pepperdine University.

GreenSet - Sánchez Vicario
GreenSet - Javier Sánchez Vicario

Javier’s expertise both as player and as accomplished entrepreneur make him uniquely qualified to lead our company.

Javier’s leadership combines a deep knowledge of the tennis business and tournament organization from all perspectives – he was elected by his peers to the ATP Player Council – and a vast experience as an entrepreneur.

With his tireless energy, leadership, and personal involvement –he even personally tests and plays on our research courts– Javier is uniquely qualified to lead our company.