Bike Surfaces

The GreenSet® surfaces’ purpose is not to waterproof or seal, prevent capillary rise, or repair minor cracks. To ensure their qualities are preserved, follow the advice on the Maintenance and Care Guidelines.


Technical Data of the Surface

It has been tested in laboratories and training centers, and classifi ed by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) as a Medium to Medium-Slow surface . GreenSet® MULTISPORT surface can be applied on new asphalt, concrete, wooden floor, or sport surfaces of existing resin that need to be renewed.

ITF Certificates and Recognitions
GreenSet® offers surfaces classified by the International Tennis Federation in all possible ITF classifications (classes 1 to 5).
Secure transport
Our products are not classified as flamable or dangerous according to the regulation of classification, labeling, and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP).
Fire Resistance
GreenSet® products have the Euroclass BFL – s1 certificate, hence they can resist a prolonged attack by small flames and an individual burning object, both with limitations for propagating the flame
Resistance to Sunlight
The resistance of our surfaces and their colors to the sun is also very high.

GreenSet Materials

GreenSet´s surface is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, composed of high quality acrylic resins, specially selected siliceous sand, resistant pigments, additives, and organic solvents in an aqueous medium, while being respectful with the environment.