Fotografias de pistas realizadas en superficies GreenSet Grand Prix

Grand Prix

GreenSet® Grand Prix is a synthetic resin court, which was designed to obtain a perfect bounce of the ball and to lengthen the life of the tennis courts, both indoor and outdoor. It is a surface suited to all types of game, and it transmits a feeling of great comfort to the players.

> Crosswise section on the surface

Crosswise section on the surface






Bituminous layers


Black base


Colour base



> Court colours

Grand Prix court colours

> Playing surface


  • Binders: vinyl ester copolymer, acrylic ester copolymer
  • Mineral component: silica
  • Colour: light stable pigments
  • Manufacturing: Our own factories in France and in Spain
  • GreenSet layers:
    • Grand Prix Black base
    • Grand Prix Colour base
    • Grand Prix Finish

> Court characteristics

  • Wide range of colours
  • Packaging: GreenSet labelled drums of 25 litres of 35-Kg
  • Laboratory tests: France
  • Laboratorio Central de Suelos Deportivos, P.V. No 26713 of October 26th, 1983. Tests undertaken to verify slip, elasticity, flexibility and abrasion
  • Labosport PV, tennis test dated 14.11.2008
  • ITF Classification cs/01/02-08-133

> Recommendations for a successful application

It is advisable to wait a minimum of 10 days between the asphalt layer and the application of the resin.
Minimum outdoor temperature 12ºC in the sun during the day, 8ºC overnight, 15ºC in a covered room both day and night. Clean surface, without oil stains, grease, etc…

> Right Maintenance

  • Remove leaves regularly
  • Sweep and wash if necessary
  • A resurfing every 3-5 years is advisable
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